Dgsup, Inc. was created in September 2010 & founded by Ceo Kenneth Scranton. Dgsup, Inc. is designed to help artist develop there sound, brand & education on the music industry. “Our main focus when working with an artist is to find what drives them, which makes it easier for the people to relate when you speak from the heart” says Ceo Kenneth Scranton. Dgsup, Inc. is not your typical record label. We still believe in artist development and making sure the artists have knowledge of the business, which helps the company tremendously when establishing their brand. Dgsup, Inc. is pronounced Da Geez-Up Ink.¬†Dgsup Inc also stands for (Da Govarmynt Supplying Undeniable Product) “Govarmynt” derives from Govarmynt Officials, which is a team of Producers, Video Directors, and A&R Consultants. Dgsup, Inc. will be the first label of it’s kind. Stay tuned for the New World order of Music.